Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Minions Birthday Party

A new year, a new birthday party. I still can't believe that my little baby girl is now 9 years old. Sniff!! By the time I turn around she is going to be a teenager and I am so not ready for that yet!

We are all fans of the little Minions who appear in Despicable Me and Despicable Me 2. Who wouldn't be BANANAS about them? We are eagerly awaiting the release of the Minions movie on July 10, 2015. So, this year my little cutie pie wanted a Minion party.

I went to the stores and this time around I actually found party stuff related to our theme. Yay!! A lot of my work was already done.

This is actually one of my favorite photos from the party. It was so simple and looks so cute.

This was the centerpiece with Kevin, Bob and Stuart plush dolls (Walmart) and a minion lunch box(Five Below).

I was actually planning to draw minion faces on the balloons but these balloons were available at Party City and I just pounced on them. Less work for me!!

The birthday banner also from Party City. 

This was the craft center setup and all the kids got to do a minion craft.

Bubble wands for an outdoor activity blowing bubble for the kids.

Party favors for the kids. I was able to get a lot of minion items - a minion bouncy ball, minion candy dispenser, minion bracelets, minion stickers and all from Party City - my 1 stop party shop :-)

These favor bags were from Michaels and I printed some minion eyes and pasted them on both sides.

I got this cake ordered from a local bakery and it looked really cute.

All in all a fun birthday party and look forward to planning the next one.

Monday, June 9, 2014

Harry Potter Birthday Party

My daughter Nivedha is a major Harry Potter fan! YAY!!! I love the Harry Potter books and have read them countless times. I was so happy that my daughter is following in my footsteps. She has already read them 10 times and informed me with a written list of requirements that she wanted a Harry Potter theme for her 8th birthday party.

The toughest part of the party was narrowing down my choices when I googled for the Harry Potter theme.

These are the invitations I designed in MS Word. The invitation was inspired by the blog here.

Following this, we brainstormed and focused on what was easy and could be done in a couple of weeks time without breaking the bank.

I ordered Harry Potter glasses from Amazon. 

I painted Easter eggs gold with Gold Spray Paint and filled them with stickers. These were "Dragon eggs" and I was inspired by the blog here.

For the favor bags, I really loved these fashioned like broomsticks. They came out really well. Credit to this site:

 I wanted to buy some plush owls but they were just too pricey so I settled for S drawing owls on white balloons. Srini did a wonderful job with these. I also found some cute owls at the Dollar Tree for a dollar each.

The wands were so easy and fun to make. We had a great time making around 20 of them for the kids. Thanks to this blog:

Flourish and Bott's Bookshop and Forbidden Forest signs

Sorting Hat - Ordered from Amazon

House Banners 

Happy Birthday Banner

Chocolate Frogs - Inspired by this blog:

Golden Snitches - These were Ferro Rocher chocolates with wings cut out from golden paper.

Wizard Hat Cupcakes - Credits:

Florean Fortescue's Fruit

Jelly Slugs and Gummy Worms

The kids had a wonderful time. Initially, for all the kids we welcomed them to Hogwarts and took them to Diagon Alley where they got their wand.

They were then sorted into different houses. I had ordered Hogwarts school seal rings from Amazon which were pretty neat.

Then we had the Fabulous Feast followed by Transfiguration Class where they transformed themselves into different animals and the others had to guess what animal they were. Love the look of sheer glee on Nivedha's face here.

Next, they had Potions class where they did different experiments. The first one was the Practice Potion for the beginner. Kudos to One Creative Mommy Blog.

Then they watched magical creatures grow in water and finally all the Magical creatures were missing and they had a Magical Creatures Hunt. 

After that, the kids played Basilisk Eye - Freeze Tag and we had some Harry Potter trivia time. The kids were all pretty tired after this and settled down to watch a Harry Potter movie.

My daughter was so happy with this party and I was so happy to make this such a special event for her.

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Airplane/Pilot First Birthday

My son Vikaas's first birthday was a pilot and airplane themed one.