Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Airplane/Pilot First Birthday

My son Vikaas's first birthday was a pilot and airplane themed one.

Fairy Birthday Party

My daughter Nivedha turned 7 in May. She wanted a Fairy birthday party and it was fun organizing it. As usual, everything was sourced from various sites on the internet as well as pinterest.

This was customized from free printables available on the net.

A good friend helped design the birthday banner.

Balloons and decorations from Party City.

 This was the Fairy and Elf Transformation Station. Elves got their elf hat and sword to defend themselves against the evil wizard while Fairies got a fairy headband, wings, wands and face painting done to transform them.

These flower headbands were really cute and I got the idea from here.

These butterfly wands were dual purpose also pens which could be used later . Loved them when I found them in Target.

Kids had to decorate their own gift bags to find treasure.

Dollar tree finds. I love the Solar Dancing Daisies..Nothing says summer like they do.

Thank you candy for the guests!

The birthday girl looking very happy :-)

Butterfly cookies.

These Fairy Toadstools were made with halved cherry tomatoes and string cheese decorated with mayo dots. Cilantro and pretzels are the base to give the impression of a forest floor.

These Fairy Pops are made from Marshmallows dipped in colored sugar.

 Fairy Berries are always popular and the strawberries look so luscious.

 Pretzels and Pirouette sticks are Fairy Twigs.

Green and pink candy for the Fairy Candy.

My princess was absolutely thrilled with the party. What more could a mom want? :-)